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Quickbooks Tip #3

Tip #3: Prevent Prior-Period Changes Many Quickbooks users do not understand the result of changing transactions in prior periods. In order to prevent the incident from occurring, this feature allows you to set preferences that prohibit the user from bypassing the closing date, using a password-protected date. To access this tool, go to Company menu […]

Important: Information that churches & non-profit organizations need to know

Good morning, Many of our clients & friends perform work within the community through churches and other non-profit organizations. The following is imperative information from an actual tax case regarding charitable deductions that affects all churches and non-profit organizations and any taxpayers that claim charitable contribution deductions: Taxpayers claimed a charitable contribution deduction primarily made […]

Quickbooks Tip # 2

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!! We are continuing our Quickbooks tip series with the following: Process Multiple Reports – Preparing and printing multiple reports is often time-consuming. Quickbooks enables users to group together dozens of reports (using the “Memorize” function). This allows you to set a date range, print the recipient’s name […]

Quickbooks Tip of the Day!

We will bring you a series of Quickbooks tips over the coming days, so keep checking back Quickbooks tip of the day: Memorized transactions – Every company has certain transactions that recur regularly. Quickbooks has a feature that allows you to memorize frequent transactions. Once you have them set up, they will be automatically entered […]

Higher Education at a Higher Cost

We are all aware that the cost of college tuition is increasing more with each passing year. Unfortunately for many families, rising costs leads to rising student debt. The good news is that there are numerous programs available to assist families in saving for college. The added bonus is that many of these plans carry […]

The Importance of an Estate Plan

A popular topic among Baby Boomers is their retirement plans. But there’s an equally important topic that people are less inclined to discuss – estate planning. Now that estate and gift taxes have been reunified – at least for 2011 and 2012, estate planning should often include gift planning. Few people want to think about […]

Another Tax Season has passed

April 2012 and Tax season are officially behind us – The IRS reported just before the end of the filing season that it had processed nearly 100 million returns and issued 75 million refunds. If you have not received your refund, please refer to the links on our main page to track your refund status. […]