Inherit Cash, not Chaos

Part IV: Protecting Your Credit Card and Bank Accounts

In the age of technology, it has become increasingly popular to use credit and debit cards for purchases. For many individuals, the days of writing checks have passed and upcoming generations are quickly learning to become accustomed to online banking practices. However, the pitfall of technology lies within the ever present threat to digital security. […]

Who would ever think that having a son in college could save you money?

by Greg Miller Our oldest son is finishing up his sophomore year at NC State. Like most parents with kids in college, I check his checking account balance on a regular basis as his funding source. Last Thursday, I went online to transfer another $100 to his account to get him through the balance of […]

Part III: How the Affordable Care Act will affect your family

The Affordable Care Act, a comprehensive health care reform, was signed into law in March 2010. Portions of this law will take effect in 2014 and the best time for planning is now! It will be to your benefit to take 2013 to focus on your personal situation and examine how this law may affect […]

Part II: Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Part II of our “Inherit cash, not chaos” blog series will cover Identity Theft. Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Identity theft continues to be the fastest growing crime in the nation affecting more than 11 million people last year! Clearly an identity thief wants access to two things- your current cash and credit and/or your […]

Part I: Organizing your documents

December: Organizing your documents– Let’s get started: – Go through all the documents you have together and complete as much of the information in the Personal Estate Inventory Spreadsheet (that was provided at our seminar). If you need a copy, please contact our office. – Decide how you would like to organize the documents that […]